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Autumn fungi in Tasmania’s Tarkine

Autumn fungi in Tasmania’s Tarkine

Sunday May 7, 2017

Autumn = fungi, and Tasmania’s Tarkine is one great place to find it! Recently I have been to Corinna, and also visited Philosophers Falls a couple of times, and it is pretty much peak season for mushrooms! Here are a few of my recent images, including some attempt at ID from my fungi flip and Field Guide.

Amanita fungi Tarkine Tasmania

My guess at an ID is a type of Amanita. Perhaps a “rosea”? On the Telegraph Hill track at Corinna a couple of weeks ago.

Amanita fungi Tarkine Tasmania

A close up of, as far as I can tell, the last part of the veil still attached to the now mature fungi. Correct me if I’m wrong, interwebs :)

Autumn fungi amid the ferns, Corinna Tasmania

Autumn fungi amid the ferns, Corinna. Haven’t ID-ed this one.

Chlorociboria aeruginascens Tarkine Tasmania

Chlorociboria aeruginascens – we found quite a lot of these on my recent workshop. These were on the Philosopher Falls track. Quite small, and not one that I had seen before.

red fungi tarkine tasmania

Red ones, not completely sure on ID but a striking fungi, again at Philosopher Falls.

Yellow autumn fungi, Philosophers Falls Tarkine

Another one from Philosopher Falls, and perhaps my favourite so far this autumn fungi season – I am going to take a punt and ID it as Lichenomphalia chromacea. Might also be a Camarophyllopsis – I really dont know :(

For those keen to try their hand at ID-ing fungi, the fungi flip and field guide are a great start, as is the “tasfungi” website. Photographing them is just the beginning!

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