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…and then the pelican yawned

…and then the pelican yawned

Friday May 26, 2017

Had a bit of fun shooting a pelican last month in the Bay of Fires. The angle was really interesting as he was in some great light off in the distance while I was deep in the shadows, and I was able to frame him nicely between some foreground rocks. The longest lens I had with me was my 100mm macro, so I quickly put it on and fired off some shots, carefully lining him up between the curves of the foreground rocks. For the pelicans part, he looked one way, then looked back over his shoulder, had a quick yawn and then the moment was gone again…

Bay of Fires

The full scene at 100mm

Pelican Bay of Fires

A closer crop.

pelican bay of fires

He stops, looks back over his shoulder, but fails to notice his every move is being so thoroughly scrutinised…

pelican bay of fires

Eventually, feeling a sense of contentment after a busy day of pelicaning, he lets out a satisfying yawn as the day draws to a close.

bay of fires

Dusk and Pelican, Bay of Fires

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