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Raptor Release 21 December 2016

Raptor Release 21 December 2016

Thursday December 22, 2016

The Raptor Refuge have again released a fighting fit young Wedge Tailed Eagle into the wild. Another successful raptor release yesterday, fulfilling the Refuge’s motto of “helping them soar again” out in the bushland and rolling hills of the Southern Midlands near Colebrook.

Raptor Release Colebrook Tasmania December 2016

Craig prepares to release the wedge tailed eagle near Colebrook yesterday

In attendance at the release were Vica Bayley from the Wilderness Society and Rosalie Woodruff of the Tasmanian Greens. While all releases are worth celebrating, yesterdays release also came with a plea for Tas Networks to do more to ensure that other raptors aren’t injured by electricity transmission infrastructure. This particular eagle was found injured underneath some transmission wires with some soft-tissue injuries and ligament tendon damage. Craig points out that some very simple improvements such as perches and “flappers” on transmission poles and wires would greatly reduce the risk to Tasmania’s endangered raptors.

Rosalie Woodruff, Craig Webb, Vica Bayley

Rosalie Woodruff, Craig Webb & Vica Bayley at yesterdays raptor release in the Southern Midlands

Obviously Tas Networks claim this will come at a cost but the bottom line is all that needs to happen is that the right person in government makes the call – as Rosalie Woodruff pointed out yesterday, Tas Networks may like to cry poor but they were able to provide $30 million to Forestry Tasmania last year. Obviously it all simply boils down to political priorities.

Here are the release shots:

Wedge Tailed Eagle release Tasmania

Preparing for release…

raptor release tasmania raptor refuge

The moment of freedom!

raptor release tasmania raptor refuge

The young wedge tailed eagle heads for the clouds …

… and away she goes

Yesterday’s release got great media coverage, you can read more about it and check the news story which appeared on ABC news last night.