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Australia Post Southern Lights Stamp Series

There is some exciting news that I have been waiting months to share – my Coles Bay Aurora Australis photo will be featured in an upcoming Australia Post Southern lights stamp series! Click here to view the July/August edition of Australia Posts “Stamp Bulletin” magazine, and fast forward through to page 18-19 (if it doesn’t open there automatically).

Aurora Australis at Coles Bay Southern Lights Stamp

Australia Post will be featuring my Aurora Australis at Coles Bay photo in a new Southern Lights stamp series coming out on August 26!

Southern Lights Stamp, Medallion and Postcard

Not only was shooting this image the absolute highlight of all my years behind a camera, but for it to be picked up by Australia Post is quite an honour 🙂 It will feature not only as a stamp but also as a medallion and postcard. The design has all been secret and this is in fact the first I have seen of the design – can’t wait to see the real thing when it is all released on August 26!

Australia Post Southern Lights Stamp Luke O'Brien

The Stamp Bulletin for July-August is the first look at this exciting new Aurora Australis, or Southern Lights stamp series.

Aurora Australis Photos

I have an index page with links to all my Tasmanian aurora photos, including many more from this amazing night in Coles Bay.

This image was in fact taken during one of my photography workshops and I am running a night-sky photography workshop at Cradle Mountain from Sept 22-24, 2014 and the 7 day Cradle Mountain and Freycinet workshop with Brisbane-based landscape photographer Michael Snedic again from Nov 13~19, 2014. Could lightning strike twice? Please contact me to join!

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