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Australias Fire Tragedy

Like all Australians I am watching on in horror at the ongoing bushfire crisis across much of the Australian mainland. It is on my mind constantly and the sheer scale of the losses already inflicted and the potential of what’s to come – not just this summer but into the future – is actually frightening.

My best wishes go out to everyone in any way impacted by these fires whether it is directly or indirectly, including all those feeling stress and anxiety watching events unfold – which at this point truly must be everyone in the country. This is a crisis that touches us all.

Good on the firies for doing everything that they are doing in such awful circumstances and here’s hoping that the summer does not in fact get any worse and some serious rainfall materialises across all corners of the country.

I also hope that 2020 is the year that politics catches up to the reality that a hotter and drier climate is no good for anyone and that doing everything in our power to tackle the issue of climate change has to begin right now. Clearly things are changing/have changed and the cost of working to avoid/reduce the worst impacts of climate change will be nothing compared to the financial, social and environmental costs of our current do nothing/business as usual approach.


I’ll be back to my regular photo blog posts before long 🙂

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