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Aurora Australis Tasmania

Southern Lights Tasmania 2014: South Arm April 21

Southern Lights Tasmania 2014 – this year has been a little light on for great displays of the aurora australis, but over the past couple of weeks we have been treated to two. I missed the first one – mistakenly looking at the clouds and going to bed. It seems the clouds cleared soon after...Read More

Aurora Australis – The One That Got Away…

The last two nights will be remembered as the one that got away – in terms of photographing the Aurora in Tasmania that is… For the past two days aurora alerts have been coming thick and fast, but mostly during daylight hours, and when night came thick cloud prevented viewing the lights across most of...Read More

Space Weather and Predicting the Aurora

This week the space weather forecast was incredibly certain regarding a very strong display of the aurora, not just here in Tasmania but most likely in the southern states of mainland Australia too. A LOT of people got out to witness the spectacle only to see… well, very little at all. Aurora Jan 9 2014...Read More

New Book! The Aurora Chasers Handbook

There is a brand new book, “The Aurora Chasers Handbook” which is out now, just in time for Christmas all about Tasmania’s magnificent southern lights, the Aurora Australis! The book is 96 pages and features the photographs of many Tasmanian landscape photographers, as well as great information explaining the phenomenon that is the aurora, including...Read More

Southern Lights Tasmania – Cradle Mountain!

Something wonderful happened on Saturday November 9 2013 – the aurora australis, or southern lights, made an impromptu guest appearance! As luck would have it I was up at Cradle Mountain, doing some tour planning for Leatherwood Tasmania Tours. As it turned out the show was quite brief, and the best part of the show...Read More

The Southern Lights, Tasmania

Despite something of a lull since July, the Southern Lights have been quite active in Tasmania over the past 18 months. Predicting the southern lights, or Aurora Australis, is very difficult at the best of times but an actively flaring sun is the key. Resurgence in solar activity In the past few weeks the sun...Read More

Is solar maximum 2013 over?

There has been a dearth of solar activity the past couple of months leading one to wonder if solar maximum 2013 has come to a premature end. 2013 was meant to be the peak of the current cycle, and there have been some stunning displays of the aurora australis in Tasmania this year (eg March...Read More

Aurora Australis Photography Exhibition & Festival Hobart

Anyone interested in the night sky in general and Aurora Australis photography in particular should make time next month (August 2~22) to visit the Aurora Australis Festival at the Signal Station Cafe on Mt Nelson. The festival includes a 3 week exhibition of Aurora Australis photography, taken by over 20 local Tasmanian photographers. My image...Read More

Aurora Australis alert for Tasmania!

** UPDATE: April 15 – Sadly this weekend’s aurora was a fizzer. The CME hit at around 9:00 Sunday morning and unfortunately wasn’t anywhere near as strong as it might have been. ** Attention aurora australis hunters – there was a fairly major solar flare on the sun yesterday which produced a large coronal mass...Read More