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Hobart and surrounds
Hobart's Tasman Bridge lit up in red for Dark Mofo 2023

Dark Mofo 2023

Hobart’s annual Red Bridge Festival (aka Dark Mofo) is back for 2023! And this year that giant blue light thingy has picked itself up and moved down the river from its spiritual home at MONA to the Dark Park on Hobart’s waterfront.       Hobart Night Photography Workshops I run a regular photography workshop...Read More
kunanyi mt wellington daffodil patch

kunanyi/Mt Wellington daffodils

There’s a nice little patch of daffodils growing near kunanyi/Mt Wellington which in full bloom is one of the many sure signs in Hobart that spring has sprung.         The location is regarded as “secret” so I won’t disclose here but it is another case of “hiding in plain sight” as it...Read More
snug falls tasmania

Tasmanian Short Walks: Snug Falls

Waterfalls look their best in winter! Snug Falls is a really great Tasmanian short walk, being a fairly easy 20 minute walk to a very rewarding waterfall. The falls are quitre high, and a great sight with lots of water on them. I have visited these falls multiple times and this time my eye was...Read More
Rainbow Hobart waterfront

Hobart Waterfront

Happy new week everybody! I started the week at the Hobart waterfront this morning where this nice little rainbow shone across the scene and demanded a quick photo or two.      
hobart mona foma beacon 2022

Mona Foma Beacon

Intrigued – and perhaps even a little alarmed – at MONA’s Dr Evil-inspired announcement of a huge fricking laser firing away at Hobart this weekend I ventured up kunanyi / Mt Wellington armed with nothing but a camera and a tin foil hat. The huge fricking lasers were based on Rosny Hill on Hobart’s eastern...Read More
Dark Mofo Paint the Town Red fireworks Hobart

Paint the Town Red

Every year as part of Dark Mofo “paint the town red” echoes across Hobart with buildings and landmarks such as the Tasman Bridge lit in red through the winter solstice. Last night, with this years event drawing to a close, I photographed the Tasman Bridge with clear skies and the Spectra beam in the background....Read More
new years eve fireworks hobart

New Years Eve Fireworks Hobart

Hobart has put on another great display with its New Years Eve fireworks. The fireworks were set to shoot a little higher this year and viewers were encouraged to spread out and avoid crowding the Hobart waterfront which is generally the main gathering point. I shot these from Bellerive. Happy New Year everyone. Thanks very...Read More

Tasman Bridge in Blue Hour

This shot has been a little goal of mine for a while now – just a nice, calm shot of the city lights including the Tasman Bridge under the imposing backdrop of Mt Wellington. I wasn’t after a flashy sunset, and I wanted calm weather and clear skies, which we have had in abundance recently...Read More


Lindisfarne is a very scenic suburb on Hobart’s eastern shore. I took advantage of a recent stunning blue sky day to send up the drone and have a look around. The drone has a few panoramic modes. The shot above is in fact 9 single images (three rows of three) combined to allow a wider...Read More

Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone! Best wishes for 2020. Here are some shots of the early (family friendly time of 9:30) fireworks last night from Bellerive, hence the bright sky. I was already asleep by midnight… For anyone playing along at home, my settings were: 6 second exposures at f16. ISO100. If this had been the...Read More

Sunset Mortimer Bay

Last night’s sunset from Mortimer Bay. Long exposures captured with a 5 stop ND and the “Interval Composite” feature of the Pentax K1.           The last image above also included an interesting lesson from the field. This evening I switched the “Save Process” to ON (normally I have it off). What...Read More