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Tasmanian Fungi - Earthstars

Early autumn fungi finds

While most of Tassie has had an extremely dry summer (the driest on record in some parts) the north east has copped a fair bit of rain. On a recent trip up to the Bay of Fires, we spent half a day at St Columba Falls and were quite happy to find plenty of fungi out and about. The season is about to begin. As usual my ID’s are little more than a Fungi-flip assisted guess, but I am reasonably sure they are right 🙂

Tasmanian fungi Cantharellus concinnus

Not too sure about this guess, but I’ll go with Cantharellus concinnus


Tasmanian fungi - Mycena viscidocruenta

Reasonably sure this is a Mycena viscidocruenta, my personal favourite shot of the day


Tasmanian fungi - Hygrocybe pseudograminicolor

Again, reasonably sure this is a Hygrocybe pseudograminicolor. I have found this in the same spot for years now 🙂


Tasmanian fungi St Columba Falls

Not sure about this one actually


Earth Star fungi at St Columba Falls

One that I do know – Earth Star! Known to its close friends as Geastrum triplex of course


Tasmanian fungi St Columba Falls

The fungiflip isn’t really helping me ID this one sadly 🙁


Tasmanian fungi St Columba Falls

Very possibly some Mycena mulawaestris, but then again could be something else entirely…


Could perhaps be a clump of Psathyrella echinata

The days are getting noticeably shorter now, and daylight savings ends this weekend, so with a little more rain the fungi will no doubt be popping all over the place shortly. Anyone keen for a short introduction to “fun with fungi” could do a lot worse than booking one of my Mt Field & Styx Valley day tours 🙂

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