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Fagus – Cradle Mountain in Autumn

In follow up to my previous Fagus Watch 2013 post, here are some shots of Tasmania’s fagus in all it’s glory. Last week the clouds were down and the orange glow of the fagus was at it’s peak at Cradle Mountain. These shots are all from the area around the base of Cradle Mountain along the Overland Track beyond Marions Lookout & Kitchen Hut, mid last week (ie May 1-2 2013).

Turning of the Fagus - Cradle Mountain

Turning of the Fagus – Cradle Mountain. May 1 2013

The first shot (above) is the one that took the longest to capture. The pandani in the foreground were the first thing I noticed and when I started composing the cloud was so thick I could not see the mountain at all. Then all of a sudden the clouds parted and I realised what a great chance I had for a nice composition. The clouds then returned before I could recompose so I spent the better part of an hour waiting through intermittent snow and hail, as the clouds rolled along in front of me offering only the occasional glimpse of the crags of Cradle Mountain. Eventually I was able to capture these as an ode to autumn in the Tasmanian wilderness 🙂

Fagus at Cradle Mountain, Autumn

Fagus and a misty Cradle Mountain, Autumn

The fagus is stunning in this area. The slopes of Cradle Mountain obviously draw the eye, but the view out to the west along the Fury River gorge was just as impressive.

Fury River gorge, Cradle Mountain

Fury River gorge, Cradle Mountain

Crater Lake was also looking stunning so anyone with limited time could still have a wonderful walk to Crater Lake & Marion’s Lookout.

Autumn fagus at Crater Lake

Autumn fagus at Crater Lake

Typically the fagus is at its peak in the week or two around Anzac day and if anything this year it has been a slightly later onset than usual. Anyone planning a trip would be well advised to do it soon. Once the fagus has disappeared from the higher mountain slopes the last opportunity to see it for this year is at Lake Fenton, Mt Field.

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