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Mathinna Falls North East Tasmania

Mathinna Falls is a very easy walk, and a rewarding waterfall for photographers. Access is only a short drive from the town of Mathinna in Tasmania’s north east. The trail is mostly flat, and after a short walk you will find the first waterfall which includes rocky cascades below the falls and a nice deep pool into which the fall falls.

Mathinna Falls North East Tasmania

Mathinna Falls in North East Tasmania. The first fall you come to is this one after a short walk.

Mathinna Falls North East Tasmania

There are endless possibilities for nice compositions at this waterfall. As usual when photographing waterfalls, even light is important so try and visit on an overcast day or either early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Mathinna Falls – Two for the price of 1!

For those feeling a little more adventurous, it is possible to sneak up to the second fall which is right above the main one. It isn’t difficult but by the same token it isn’t simple either so go for it if you feel like an extra challenge. The second fall is quite similar to the first and I found my eye drawn to a very similar composition as the first…

Composition tips for waterfall photography

The photo on the left was the first I shot, and one that I can’t say is too pleasing. It serves as a good insight, however, into the art of composition. I was drawn to the rocks in the foreground only to soon find they didn’t really have enough impact. A few steps back, however, and I had a lovely little cascade in the foreground and the “meh” rocks filling in the middle and the waterfall neatly centered at the back.

Waterfall Photography – Composition

Composition is really the art and essence of a photo, and what makes a great shot will differ from person to person. I always look for a strong foreground and try and place it in relation to the main subject. An example is that the rocks in the foreground of the shot on the left (above) are not really strong enough; and the main rock and nice cascading water in the foreground of the shot on the right are much more interesting.

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