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japanese landscape photography

Yakushima Japan – Shiratani Unsuikyo

The second day walk we managed to squeeze in between typhoons on Yakushima was the spectacular ravine called Shiratani Unsuikyo. “Shiratani (白谷)” translates as “White-Valley” and this name is a reference to the whitish granite boulders strewn throughout the valley. “Unsuikyo (雲水峡)” translates as cloud & water gorge – and that part is fairly self explanatory upon...Read More

Yakushima Japan – Arakawa Hiking trail to Jomon Sugi

This month I visited a place I have had my eye on for years – Yakushima Island, just south of Kyushu in southern Japan. The interior of the island is a mountainous World Heritage listed area complete with wonderful ancient forests full of cedars, monkeys and deer. The island is accessed by air or sea, and we rode the...Read More

Japan After the Tsunami: Rikuchu Kaigan National Park

In July & August this year we spent four weeks in the disaster affected area of north east Japan (Tohoku). Mostly we were based in Fukushima, but we made numerous trips around Tohoku to visit areas hit hardest by the quake and tsunami. Our aim was to take photographs for a fundraising exhibition here in Hobart in November. The...Read More