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kunanyi mt wellington daffodil patch

kunanyi/Mt Wellington daffodils

There’s a nice little patch of daffodils growing near kunanyi/Mt Wellington which in full bloom is one of the many sure signs in Hobart that spring has sprung.         The location is regarded as “secret” so I won’t disclose here but it is another case of “hiding in plain sight” as it...Read More
Snow on kunanyi/Mt Wellington

Winter Wonderland

A couple of weeks ago there was a massive cold snap over Tasmania and kunanyi/Mt Wellington became a stunning winter wonderland backdrop to the city. The road up was closed for many days as clearing went ahead at higher altitudes, but foot access was permitted. Having seen a couple of news stories of people being...Read More
Comet Leonard from kunanyi/Mt Wellington Tasmania

Comet Leonard

Last night I took advantage of the clear skies and lack of moonlight to get out and see if I could capture Comet Leonard. I decided on kunanyi/Mt Wellington as I hadn’t been up there in ages, and given the comets location in the western sky I thought the other side of Hobart’s city lights...Read More