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Dark Mofo Light Show: Articulated Intersect

The Dark Mofo light show has begun! Articulated Intersect is an interactive light show with 18 high powered lights placed around Hobart’s scenic waterfront. The beams are a striking blue colour and add a new dimension to traditional photos of Hobart’s familiar waterfront landmarks. Visitors to the Hobart Waterfront are free to manipulate the levers...Read More

MONA Hobart: The Red Queen Exhibition

The Red Queen is the current exhibition at Hobart’s world beating museum and art gallery, MONA (the Museum of Old & New Art). The Red Queen is a reference to the Lewis Carroll classic “Through the Looking Glass” and the exhibition runs until April 21, 2014. Please forgive the lack of writing today and feel...Read More


MONA – the Museum of Old & New Art in Berriedale, Hobart. Sunset tonight from across the water. The afternoon was quite grey and dull, but a fiery orange sunset burnt the sky briefly this evening resulting in these shots. As with pretty much all sunset photo shoots I shot the above with my ND...Read More