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mt donaldson
macleays swallowtail tasmania tarkine

Macleays swallowtail (Graphium macleayanus)

Macleays swallowtail (Graphium macleayanus) on Mt Donaldson in Tasmania’s Tarkine region. Tasmania’s only swallowtail butterfly apparently.   When I first visited the Tarkine many years ago I remember a nice little green butterfly flitting around and even spending some time on my hat as we camped in some random spot off the road. I don’t...Read More

The Western Explorer in Tasmania’s Tarkine

The Western Explorer in Tasmania’s Tarkine links the remote towns of Corinna in the south and Arthur River in the north. The road is in good condition, although unsealed and very remote so great care should be taken when visiting. The road takes you through some wonderful vistas of the Tarkine – including mountain ranges,...Read More