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Cape Tourville

Cape Tourville is a wonderful short walk in the Freycinet National Park. It offers outstanding views of the Hazards, Freycinet Peninsula and north to the Friendly Beaches. It is also the easiest way to get a glimpse of Wineglass Bay – seen in the image below as the sandy beach right in the middle, between...Read More

Edge of the World

The Edge of the World at Arthur River on Tasmania’s west coast is a landscape as dramatic as its name implies. I was up there at the end of October to photograph orchids and made sure to spend some time on this wild coastline hoping for some nice light, and boy was I rewarded!

Tamar Valley: Georgetown & Low Head

The Tamar Valley stretches north from Launceston to Bass Strait and includes some wonderful historic and gourmet traveling in the north of Tasmania. There are some really nice locations to shoot along the river, with brightly coloured lichen on rocks and reedy marshes along the river. At the mouth of the Tamar is Low Head...Read More