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raptor conservation

Sea Eagle Release!

The Raptor Refuge released a young and fighting fit White Bellied Sea Eagle the other day. After being found a little dazed and confused but with no serious injuries this young eagle only needed a couple of days to regain his strength and be on his way. The Raptor Refuge is a non profit organisation...Read More

Raptor Refuge Art & Photography Workshop

I will be presenting a workshop over 2 days with wildlife artist Katherine Cooper at the Raptor Refuge on the weekend of April 18 & 19, 2015. The Raptor Refuge is not open to the public so this is a very unique opportunity to spend an extended period of time here, meeting “Raptor Man” Craig...Read More

Raptor Workshop Wrap Up

The first ever “Raptor Reflections” Art and Photography Workshop has wrapped up with 8 very excited participants being introduced to some of Tasmania’s endangered raptors. Craig Webb was on hand to give us all a close up encounter with a Grey Goshawk, an Australian Hobby and a Brown Falcon. Other raptors such as Masked Owls...Read More