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tasmanian native trees

The Art of Fagus

Every autumn in Tasmania we enjoy the spectacle of the “Turning of the Fagus” that is to say, the leaves of the endemic Nothofagus gunnii, change from the deep summer greens to autumnal tones of yellow, orange and red. The best places to view this unique Australian scene are at Mt Field in the south,...Read More

King Billy Pine Sampling with UTAS

I had the rather unique opportunity recently of accompanying James from the University of Tasmania (UTAS) on one of his field trips to study Tasmania’s endemic King Billy Pine trees. We visited a number of locations, including Mother Cummings Rivulet and Cradle Mountain, but the photos below are from the Winterbrook Falls track which leads...Read More

Fagus 2014 Part II: Tyndall Range, Western Tasmania

My second fagus spotting trip of 2014 was to the Tyndall Range in Western Tasmania. The track starts from the B28 Anthony Link Rd which takes you through some magic mountain scenery between Queenstown and Tullah. The fagus has turned somewhat later than usual this year but is at its peak right now in the...Read More