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wildlife conservation

Devils in the snow Cradle Mountain

Recently I had the rather unique experience of photographing the Tasmanian Devils in the snow at Cradle Mountain! My Cradle Mountain photography workshops all include a visit to the wonderful devil conservation park Devils@Cradle, and in early May our visit co-incided with a few flurries of snow. While snow might have made our sunrise sessions...Read More

Sea Eagle Release!

The Raptor Refuge released a young and fighting fit White Bellied Sea Eagle the other day. After being found a little dazed and confused but with no serious injuries this young eagle only needed a couple of days to regain his strength and be on his way. The Raptor Refuge is a non profit organisation...Read More

Sea Eagle Release Bruny Island

Today I was privileged to photograph a White Bellied Sea Eagle release off Bruny Island. The event was the result of 9 weeks of hard work by Craig Webb, of the Raptor Refuge, who found the injured raptor near Cloudy Bay a couple of months ago. The nature of the 3 year old eagles injuries...Read More