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Tasmanian Raptors

I have had the privilege of photographing many Tasmanian raptors over the past few years through my involvement with the Raptor and Wildlife Refuge of Tasmania in southern Tasmania. The Refuge provides a sanctuary for many injured raptors and does a fine job rehabilitating them with the aim of releasing mended birds back to the wild. Here is a selection of images taken over the past few years. I am very proud to be contributing many images such as these to the refuge’s fundraising calendar every year, but of course I shoot many more photos than can fit in a 12 month calendar! So all of the photos below are images that have not been shared before. Participants in this weekend’s “Raptor Reflections” workshop will be treated to a special experience meeting these birds up close.

Tasmanian Raptors Wedge Tailed Eagle

Tasmanian Raptors: A Wedge Tailed Eagle at the Raptor Refuge in Southern Tasmania

Raptor Refuge of Tasmania: Wedge Tailed Eagles

A group of Wedge Tailed Eagles in their purpose built rehabilitation aviary at the Raptor Refuge

Tasmanian Raptors: Masked Owl in flight

Tasmanian Raptors – a Masked Owl on the mend and in flight at the Raptor Refuge

Brown Falcon at Tasmania's Raptor Refuge

A Brown Falcon at Tasmania’s Raptor Refuge

Tasmanian Raptors: Brown Goshawk and Grey Goshawk

Tasmanian Raptors: Brown Goshawk and Grey Goshawk

Raptor Refuge Tasmania: Hobby

Raptor Refuge Tasmania: Hobby

Tasmanian Raptors: Southern Boobook Owl

Tasmanian Raptors: Southern Boobook Owl

Tasmanian Raptors: Southern Boobook Owl

The “darling” of the Tasmanian Raptors – the Southern Boobook Owl

Photographing Tasmanian Raptors: The “Raptor Reflections” Workshop

Chances are we will run this workshop again sometime in the future. Feel free to contact me to register interest and I will be in touch when new dates are decided.


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