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Aurora Australis Tasmania

Over the past few of years I have been photographing the Aurora Australis Tasmania on a fairly regular basis and thought I would compile this page of links to my different posts about the aurora, including locations where you can see (and photograph) the aurora and suggested websites to gain further information about when the aurora might appear.

Aurora Australis Tasmania. Seven Mile Beach.

Aurora Australis Tasmania. Seven Mile Beach.

Aurora Australis Tasmania Related Posts

Aurora Australis Seven Mile Beach September 2012 Photographs from Seven Mile Beach, Hobart. Only green visible due to full moon.

Aurora Australis Seven Mile Beach October 2012 Photographs from Seven Mile Beach, Hobart. Green and red visible, no moon. Startrails.

Aurora Australis Oct 2012 PART II Seven Mile Beach, as above

Aurora Australis March 2013 Photographs from Coles Bay with the Hazards, very vibrant sky show with pinks, reds and green all visible. Loads of beams and columns. The most spectacular show I have seen.

Aurora Australis Tasmania May 2013 Photographs from Cradle Mountain, although the aurora was a little weak by the time the sky was clear enough to shoot.

Aurora Australis Tasmania September 24 2013 South Arm & Lauderdale area. Some red/pink beams. Startrails.

Aurora at Cradle Mountain November 9 2013 Pink, purple, red and green. An incredible display of the southern lights at this iconic Tasmanain location.

Aurora Australis timelapse Mt Wellington February 23 2014. 1.5 hours of auroral activity condensed into 18 seconds

Aurora Australis, Easter Sunday 2014 South Arm. Really nice moonlit aurora. Pink beams and aurora “selfie” 🙂

Aurora timelapse footage from Seven Mile Beach April 30 2014

Aurora display during my Cradle Mountain photography workshops in September 2014 and November 2014

Magical colours and beams over Seven Mile Beach on January 7 2015

An unforgettable night under the southern lights – Nine Pin Point, October 7-8 2015

Fairly weak but still nice aurora over the Tessellated Pavements at Eaglehawk Neck, September 1, 2016

Strong aurora over Seven Mile Beach. October 25 2016

Light pink glow over Cradle Mountain. January 2017.

Clouds and green glow, Bay of Fires. April 2017.

Stunningly clear sky and nice aurora over South Arm. August 19, 2017.

Aurora Australis Tasmania, March 17 2013

Aurora and Space Weather Related Resources

Some recommended websites to visit regularly in order to learn more about the phenomenon of auroras, and to get a heads up regarding when a viewing is likely:

Space Weather: Possibly the best site to get yourself familiar with aurora chasing, and night sky events in general. The site has lots of current space weather data as well as very informative “More Info” links so you can read into the detail more and more. US based site.

IPS: The Australian government site for Space Weather includes a geomagnetic warning, and aurora alert for the Australian region.

Real time Solar Wind Tool – great for checking the current conditions. Updates every 30 seconds.

For those with an android smart phone, I have found the Solaris Alpha app an essential part of successfully sighting aurorae. This app will alert you whenever flares occur on the earth facing side of the sun, when the planetary K index reaches 5 or greater, and most importantly, when an aurora “may” be visible from your location.

Another option for immediate confirmation on aurora visibility is to “like” my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter. I always post while I am shooting the aurora.

Aurora australis, or Southern Lights, at Cradle Mountain November 2013

Aurora Australis, or Southern Lights, at Cradle Mountain November 2013