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Upcoming Tasmanian Photography Workshops

** UPDATE APRIL 2024: Only one place left for fungi fun in the Tarkine in May and Mt Field fagus & fungi in May. Spring 2024 dates now available! Private 3 day tours which run on demand, all year round ** Contact me with any questions or to book a place. Tarkine – autumn fungi,...Read More

Styx Valley day tours

Had a nice day out at Mt Field and the Styx Valley the other day. It is late summer and it has been quite hot and dry, but nevertheless it was a lovely day in the coolish forest. As usual with my day tours we viewed some of the giants from the Styx Bridge, then...Read More

“The Watchers”

Tarkine coast, 2023 Stone figures, timeless, watch the wild west takayna coast. Dawn breaks. Mild, calm. Unlike most dawns in this weather beaten part of the world. Unlike anything, anywhere. Tarkine, the Watchers. Gallery for Prints
view from cape raoul lookout tasman national park

Cape Raoul Lookout

Cape Raoul is the third of the Three Capes Track capes, and as I wrote about previously, is a little separate from the two that you visit on the official Three Capes Track. Visiting Cape Raoul involves some extra time and transport. For those short on time, it is well worth the effort to just...Read More
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Note re print orders during December 2023

Update 4/1/24 – back in Hobart now! All systems back up and running for the new year 🙂 Hi everyone, just a short note to say my wife and I are away in Japan and will be returning to Tasmania in early January. I am still in email contact and am more than happy to...Read More
photographing the aurora camera settings

Camera Settings for Photographing the Aurora

The final installment of my aurora chasing tips is all about the night of the big shoot. As discussed in part 1 a tripod is a must as is a reasonably wide angle lens. If you are new to manual camera settings it can seem quite daunting but the settings and technique can be summed...Read More
where to see the aurora in tasmania

Locations for shooting the aurora in Tasmania

Part 3 of my aurora chasers guide is all about location, location, location. And rather than just posting a bullet point list of locations, I’ll talk about how to find your own locations as most of the well known spots can get quite crowded these days as aurora spotting grows in popularity. Aurora Viewing Locations...Read More
where to photograph the aurora in tasmania

When does the aurora appear in Tasmania?

Part 2 of my aurora chasers guide is all about what causes the aurora – ie when an aurora might appear in Tasmania. When does the aurora appear in Tasmania? The million dollar question. Unfortunately we cant simply check an upcoming aurora schedule, book a flight to Tassie and sit back and enjoy the show....Read More
how to photograph the aurora in tasmania

Tips for Photographing the Aurora in Tasmania

This month I thought I’d share some tips for photographing the aurora in Tasmania. This information will be in four parts – gear, what causes the aurora, locations and finally camera settings on the night of the shoot. Today I’ll be covering gear. Camera The first thing to cover is camera gear and in this...Read More
Tarkine Coast Couta Rocks

Couta Rocks

The entire Tarkine coast around Arthur River is incredible, but the Couta Rocks would just about be my favourite spot in the area. There is a timelessness to the area which is quite special. Waves pounding, wind howling and colours changing either at dusk or dawn.   Couta Rocks is just south of Sarah Anne...Read More