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“I have learned more in 2 hours than in 13 weeks at another course. Luke has the perfect personality to run courses like this, very approachable and using language that everybody can understand even more important: remember. Although there were differences in levels of experience, everybody was able to get something out of the course! I would definitely recommend this to friends!”
— E.L.

We both enjoyed the photography workshop very much.  For me the highlights were the fantastic skies and the great people on the journey. I learnt about my tripod and camera as I am still a beginner.  Also to look at light and composition to create a picture, capturing our being in the moment. Thank you Luke for being so patient and well organised.
— R.R.

I wanted to thank you once again for all your organising, driving and expert advice on the recent workshop. I had an absolutely wonderful time, learnt heaps and really happy I saw the pretty and diverse landscapes around Tasmania. Of course seeing the aurora was a bonus!
— G.C.