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small group photography tours tasmania


My range of tours, workshops and tuition are specifically designed for people who want to expand their camera and photographic knowledge, and take their time experiencing the scenic beauty of Tasmania with a friendly and experienced photographer.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Coronavirus Related Cancellations
Anyone unable to participate due to any sudden/unforseen interstate border closures will receive a full refund. You would also be welcome to hold the fee over for alternative dates.


If the dates listed online don’t match your planned travel in Tasmania by all means get in touch as I may have new dates that are not announced yet. Alternatively you might like to book one of my private 3 day workshops which run on demand, all year round.

Fully Booked

Due to the small group nature of these tours, many tours book out many months in advance. In this case you should still contact me to register interest and I will contact you if a place becomes available.

Best Time for Photography in Tasmania

Generally I set my multi-day group tours through autumn-winter-spring (ie March/April through Oct/Nov). I tend to run more private/One on One tours in summer. The main reason is hotel availability and pricing, which is at a premium in summer (ie Nov-Feb). Also, the long days of summer make for very tiring days if we are shooting sunrise, sunset and the night sky.

Photographing the Aurora

The aurora is a very random event and simply cannot be guaranteed in advance. I usually set my multi-day tours to coincide with a new moon, so that if an aurora were to appear we would have nice dark skies to shoot it. Also, the days are shorter during autumn-winter-spring, so the chance of catching an aurora should it occur are in our favour.

Level of Photography Experience

I do not have any minimum experience or ability requirements for anyone joining my workshops.

If you have a brand new camera and want some guidance; if you need a refresher after not shooting for a few years, or if you are a very experienced shooter and want to be shown some amazing Tasmanian locations without having to arrange all the travel yourself then you are welcome to join in and I will make sure everyone gets exactly what they are looking for from the trip.

Level of Personal Fitness

The aim of my workshops is immersion in the field and there is no long hiking.

The longest walks undertaken are around 30-40 minutes one way eg to Philosopher Falls, Wineglass Bay Lookout and so on. These are on very well maintained tracks and there is no reason physical fitness (or lack thereof!) should restrict participation in these trips. I always allow ample time (eg 3 hours) for any particular session so there is no need to be stressed by time constraints.

If you have any particular concerns please let me know at the time of booking.

Camera Equipment

Again, there are no particular requirements re gear ie brand, full frame/APSC, DSLR/mirrorless, lenses, accessories. The aim of these workshops is of course tuition and learning in the field, so basically if you own any camera that allows manual control and would like some guidance in using it then this tour is for you.

Recommended Equipment

As a starting point, you would want to have some, if not all, of the following:

* Camera (essential); Tripod (essential)

* Optional but recommended to have any or all of the following (based on your own particular interests of course): wide angle lens (eg 10-20mm); medium zoom lens (eg 24-70mm); macro lens; long lens (eg 70-200mm or longer). Polarising filter. Neutral Density filter/s. Lens hood, shutter release cable (or remote). Spare batteries and your charger (for multi day trips).

Can I Borrow/Rent Gear?

Generally the answer is no, it is far better that you travel with your own equipment. It may be possible to share filters and minor accessories, but not cameras or lenses.

Teaching Style

We learn while using our cameras out in the field, so there will only be a minimum (if any at all) of indoor group talks and most of the time together will be out in the field. Based on the needs of each particular group, I may talk to the group as a whole in location, or allow more experienced shooters to start shooting while I assist beginners or those with very specific questions/needs.

Digital cameras allow for great sharing of images and learning, including constructive criticism. I will often compose and shoot alongside guests in order to share the results with the group, which is a very useful way of sharing methods and techniques.

Group Size

All my tours are capped at a maximum of 6 participants. Most overnight tours include a single room (or at least the option to select a single room) so you can have some privacy at the end of the day.

Partner (ie non-photographer) Discount

Non-photographer partners (eg spouse, family member) are welcome to join these trips, but would only be eligible for a discount on trips which included a single room for all guests. In this case the room would become TWIN SHARE with yourself and your extra guest. Please enquire at the time you are booking.

I offer private tours which run for only 1 or 2 people which of course a non-photographer partner is very welcome to join.

What is Included

Each tour is different, and all the inclusions will be listed on each individual tour page, but basically:

MULTI DAY TOURS: Tour fee includes ALL transport, meals, accommodation, entry fees (eg National Parks and any other attractions listed in the tour itinerary).

DAY TOURS: Usually include transport, lunch and entry fees.

ONE ON ONE, HOBART & SURROUNDS: Do not include meals or transport ie tuition only.

WILDLIFE TOURS: Tour fee includes a significant donation to the relevant wildlife centre. No transport or meals are included, but transport may be arranged for an additional fee.

About your booking:

Please note: All arrangements for the Tours and Workshops (including invoicing/payment) will be handled by Leatherwood Tasmania Tours, of which Luke O’Brien is co-proprietor.

Leatherwood Tasmania Tours is an accredited tourism provider and maintains all relevant insurance and licences to operate commercially in Tasmania.

Please be aware that outdoor and landscape photography requires a great deal of care with regard to your camera equipment. In particular caution must be taken when around water (rainy days, creeks, beaches etc) and rocky or uneven surfaces.

Please take all sensible precautions for looking after your own camera gear while in the field as Luke O’Brien/Leatherwood Tasmania Tours will not be held responsible for damage or injury. Travel Insurance is highly recommended.

Leatherwood Tasmania Tours Tasmanian Accredited Tour Operator

For further information or to make a booking please contact me.