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Styx Valley day tours

Had a nice day out at Mt Field and the Styx Valley the other day. It is late summer and it has been quite hot and dry, but nevertheless it was a lovely day in the coolish forest.

As usual with my day tours we viewed some of the giants from the Styx Bridge, then went to enjoy the short walks at the Big Tree Reserve. As well as marvelling at the giants, we walked along the Styx River in the shade of the myrtle rainforest along the banks of the Styx River.

The water levels in the river were quite low which meant there was more access to the rivers edge than usual, and it was nice to spend time here.

Upon visiting the Big Tree Reserve however, it was rather unfortunate to discover one of the nearby giants had crashed down right through the middle of one of my favourite little fungi spots! The silver lining being of course that the whole Styx Valley is a fungi hot spot so I will just need to broaden my search zone when the autumn really kicks in 🙂

Speaking of fungi, I did actually spot a few to whet the appetite for the cooler months ahead. The highlight being some strawberry bracket fungi on the magnificent myrtle by the Styx River, one of my favourite trees in the area 🙂

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