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Styx Valley Fungi Fun

It is mid winter – apparently – the warm weather feels like winter didn’t really happen this year – and all of a sudden I’ve noticed a lack of fungi photos in my blog lately! So I present these Styx Valley fungi finds from a few visits over the autumn months.

Leotia lubrica, Styx Valley Tasmania

Leotia lubrica, also known as jelly baby fungi! Growing right out of the base of the Styx Valley Big Tree


Hygrocybe firma Styx Valley Tasmania

Hygrocybe firma, a reasonably common – but brilliant, red fungi.


Macrotyphula juncea Styx Valley fungi

Macrotyphula juncea. Not one I’d seen/photographed before.


Mucronella pendula Styx Valley fungi

Mucronella pendula – very nice little “icicle” fungi


Mucronella pendula Styx Valley fungi

Mucronella pendula. I had only seen this once before today, but saw heaps this time!


Clavulinopsis amoena Styx Valley

Clavulinopsis amoena


Mycena interrupta - everybody's favourite little blue mushroom :)

Mycena interrupta – everybody’s favourite little blue mushroom 🙂


Angel Hair Fungi Styx Valley

The line of delicate white strands was what I really wanted to photograph however – we christened them “Angel Hair” fungi but perhaps they are a type of pin mould


Brown ones like this are always tricky to ID… Might be (also might not be) Kuehneromyces brunneoalbescens


Orange jelly fungi Styx Valley Tasmania

Not for eating…


Russula persanguinea Styx Valley

Russula persanguinea – another very common one but always photogenic. This time the tiny little munchkins crawling all over it really caught my attention. I even took video.

I’ll share some more from other parts of Tassie shortly too. It has been another great fungi season!

You can check out my “Mushroom Art” gallery for more fantastic fungi photos too – and if you’d like to purchase a print or even a digital file, please contact me.

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