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Bruny Island Astrophotography

Bruny Island is a stunning place in general, but is a particularly good location for astrophotography.

astrophotography bruny island - milky way panorama

Milky Way arching over Inala on Bruny Island during a recent astrophotography session


Milky Way rising at Bruny Island during winter.

Light painting – thanks to a passing car! Milky Way rising at Bruny Island during winter.

Located south of Hobart, there is virtually no light pollution so as long as you avoid the full moon you will have the chance to experience some terrific dark skies.

milky way astrophotography bruny island tasmania

The Milky Way rising in the east in winter 2022. The pink glow was apparently related to ash high in the atmosphere from the eruption in Tonga earlier that year!

In recent years I have run a couple of private 3 day tours for lucky guests where we have experienced the Milky Way in all its glory, and on one occasion we even caught a glimpse of the southern lights.

Shooting the aurora on Bruny Island!

Shooting the aurora on Bruny Island!


Aurora Australis off south Bruny

Aurora Australis off south Bruny

This October I will be running a brand new small group photography tour to Bruny Island. The dates coincide with dark skies to give so we can literally and figuratively shoot for the stars. Contact me to book 🙂

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