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Bruny Island Tasmania

Bruny Island Astrophotography

Bruny Island is a stunning place in general, but is a particularly good location for astrophotography.   Located south of Hobart, there is virtually no light pollution so as long as you avoid the full moon you will have the chance to experience some terrific dark skies. In recent years I have run a couple...Read More
Golden Whistler at Inala Bruny Island

Inala Bruny Island Birds

Inala Bruny Island is an absolute haven for Tasmania’s endemic birdlife. I just came back from a 3 day photography workshop there with a couple of wonderful guests from the US of A and thought I’d share some of the avian highlights. It is worth mentioning too – not only did we see a great...Read More
Milky Way rising over Bruny Island, winter 2022

Milky Way Rising – Bruny Island

I wanted to introduce you to my new favourite Milky Way shot – meet “Milky Way Rising – Bruny Island”! This image was captured back in July during one of my 3 day private tours on Bruny Island. Needless to say it was a major highlight of our time on the island 🙂 The purple-pink...Read More
Star trails and the aurora over Courts Island, South Bruny Island

South Bruny Island Seascapes

I recently spent a couple of days down on South Bruny Island. There is great camping at Jetty Beach Campground which is only a short drive from the South Bruny Lighthouse, where there are great scenic spots – including of course, the lighthouse itself!     For dusk, I wandered on down to the rocky...Read More

Two Tree Point, Bruny Island

Two Tree Point is an easy to find location near Adventure Bay on Tasmania’s Bruny Island. There is a large area to pull the car over and a long sandy beach heading towards Adventure Bay and a nice rocky point to explore – great for long exposure seascapes in low light! I visited at sunrise...Read More

The White Wallaby of Bruny Island

There is a special star attraction on Bruny Island – sounding a bit like a character from a Lord of the Rings movie, the “White Wallaby of Adventure Bay” kept us intrepid explorers enthralled on a recent two day photography workshop on the island. It was interesting to see that the white wallaby has a...Read More

Macro shoot, Bruny Island

Bruny Island is a short drive and ferry ride away from Hobart. I spent a couple of days there this week and found abundant opportunities for macro. Spring has well and truly sprung in Tasmania, and besides the monster winds, rain, sun and snow we’ve been having lately, it also means flowers are blooming and...Read More

Sunrise at The Neck Bruny Island

The Neck Bruny Island is an interesting location for many reasons. It is a long and narrow sandy isthmus which connects North and South Bruny. There is a wooden lookout where the views out to sea (in all directions) are wonderful, and at dawn and dusk visitors may see the little penguins as they go...Read More

Bruny Island

Bruny Island is a wonderful destination south of Hobart. It only takes about 45 minutes to drive from Hobart to the ferry at Kettering, and a short 20 minute ride has you (and your car) on the northern end of the island. The ferry runs many times a day so accessing the island shouldn’t be...Read More