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takayna/tarkine tasmania

takayna mist and light

takayna mist and light. This stunning scene was a big highlight of this autumn’s Tarkine photography workshop, which is scheduled again next autumn.

Amazing sunset light over the plains of takayna/Tarkine

Amazing sunset light over the plains of takayna/Tarkine

The light was very beautiful, radiating out over the Norfolk Range from a break in the dark storm clouds. This is exactly the kind of moment that makes landscape photography a very special experience and sharing moments like this with guests during trips makes it all the more special. I haven’t printed this image yet but I do have something special in mind for it later in the year 🙂

takayna tarkine rain norfolk range

The clouds started to clear shortly after and we watched as rain showers crossed the range


Backlit trees across the valley

Backlit trees across the valley


takayna mist on the Donaldson River valley

Mist started to form and make its way across the landscape from the south


Mist in front of the Norfolk Range in Tasmania's Tarkine

Mist in front of the Norfolk Range in Tasmania’s Tarkine


The video above is a timelapse from my phone. I’ve taken to including a small phone tripod in my camera bag for moments like this. It can be very effective, particularly with mist and changing light. After the really nice light show over the hills was over, we watched as a line of mist made its way across the scene, dancing over the Donaldson River valley as it went.

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