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gold creek falls styx valley tasmania

Gold Creek Revisited

Gold Creek falls is a real hidden gem of the Styx Valley. It’s a shame access is quite messy as it could be a big part of a grander plan for attracting big tree tourists to the area. On my previous visit I found my way to the base of the main fall. This time...Read More
tasmanian photography floating frame canvas

Floating Frame Canvas Prints

My range of images is now available as floating frame canvas prints! Please take a look at my online gallery which I update on a very regular basis. My images are viewable in galleries set up by region, such as Cradle Mountain, Bay of Fires, the aurora and so on. Simply click on the “Buy...Read More

Disc Fungi

Disc fungi are a unique group of fungi which you really need to look quite closely to even find. Generally around the size of a thumb tack (or smaller) and coming in many different colours – including green and a browny black, I often wonder to myself how on earth I actually spotted that…  ...Read More
Cascade River north east Tasmania

Cascade River cascades

Downstream from the Mt Paris Dam on the Cascade River are some lovely, well, cascades. The Mt Paris Dam is a great destination in its own right but if you’ve got the time and you don’t mind navigating some slippery rocks on a barely there trail, a meander downstream along the Cascade River is a...Read More
pink robin in the tarkine tasmania

Pink Robin

This little pink robin put on a delightful little show on the Whyte River in Tasmania’s Tarkine for one of my groups a couple of years ago. I don’t post a lot of bird shots so I thought it might be nice to share these. Conveniently he was in a nice sunny spot so shooting...Read More
pencil pines in tasmanias walls of jerusalem national park

Dixons Kingdom

Dixons Kingdom is the heart and soul of the Walls of Jerusalem National Park in central Tasmania. Surrounded by dolerite peaks, and containing a large stand of ancient Pencil Pines the area contains all that is special about the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Access to Dixons Kingdom The area is accessible by foot only,...Read More

Photo Printing and Framing Service now available

Just a reminder that I still offer a photo printing service. Any size is available on a range of photo papers including canvas. I am now also offering a print and frame service in a limited number of standard sizes from 8″ x 12″ through to 16″ x 24″ as well as small panoramic (14...Read More
takayna/tarkine tasmania

takayna mist and light

takayna mist and light. This stunning scene was a big highlight of this autumn’s Tarkine photography workshop, which is scheduled again next autumn. The light was very beautiful, radiating out over the Norfolk Range from a break in the dark storm clouds. This is exactly the kind of moment that makes landscape photography a very...Read More

Styx Valley Fungi Fun

It is mid winter – apparently – the warm weather feels like winter didn’t really happen this year – and all of a sudden I’ve noticed a lack of fungi photos in my blog lately! So I present these Styx Valley fungi finds from a few visits over the autumn months.        ...Read More

Bruny Island Astrophotography

Bruny Island is a stunning place in general, but is a particularly good location for astrophotography.   Located south of Hobart, there is virtually no light pollution so as long as you avoid the full moon you will have the chance to experience some terrific dark skies. In recent years I have run a couple...Read More
white bellied sea eagle arthur river tasmania

Arthur River Sea Eagles

The Arthur River Sea Eagles. While it could be the name of a local footy team – perhaps it could even be the name of Tassie’s new AFL team! But forgetting footy for the time being, this post is about the actual White bellied sea eagle – a mighty raptor, almost as large as the...Read More