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Bay of Fires, North East Tasmania

The Bay of Fires is a fantastic stretch of coast in NE Tas, stretching from the Mt William National Park in the north, down towards Binalong Bay. Here are a few images from a trip I took to the area  around easter 2009.

Bay of Fires, Tasmania

Beautiful orange sunrise, looking towards Binalong Bay.

The Bay of Fires is famous for its brilliant blue sea fringed by the lichen covered rocks. These lichens appear in all shades of orange and red, and are a great contrast to the azure blues of the sea. There is talk of the area becoming a National Park, which is not without its controversy and disagreements (as are all things to do with land management in Tas!). Needless to say, some knowledgable rangers, and well serviced visitor areas would be a great addition to the park, and would hopefully avoid having some of the sensitive sites (both environmentally and also for the aboriginal community) trodden/littered/4WD-ed all over…

Bay of Fires, Tasmania

“Stillness” – Another dawn in the area, this time, sans sun.

The above image – “Stillness”, is one of my favourites from the region. Slightly sombre and dark, it is a little different to the usual bright sunny shots of beaches. This morning, the sunrise basically didn’t happen, but the contrast in the texture and lines of the rocky coast and the smooth calm sea are what I like about this image.

Picnic Rocks, near Eddystone Point. Bay of Fires.

Picnic Rocks, near Eddystone Point. Bay of Fires.

I have started working on a collection of Black & White Photography. This one of the rocks at Eddystone Point was one of the first that jumped out at me that looked nice with a bit of B&W treatment!


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