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Fungi at St Columba Falls, autumn 2021

Fungi at St Columba Falls – Autumn 2021

I normally visit St Columba Falls in the north east as part of my Bay of Fires photography workshops and during one of these trips back in May we came across some rather wonderful fungi. The fall itself was looking pretty good too. Here are some of the highlights.

st columba falls in north east tasmania

St Columba Falls in all its glory


Fungi at St Columba Falls

Fungi at St Columba Falls. Shallow depth of field for the lovely blurred foreground and background.


Lovely little Mycenas growing out of a fallen log

Lovely little Mycenas growing out of a fallen log


Possibly a black entoloma species

A nice group of black ones, possibly an Entoloma species and I’m going to give the definitely maybe ID of Entoloma discrepans


Possible Hygrocybe pseudograminicolor at St Columba Falls Tasmania

Could very well be Hygrocybe pseudograminicolor as the underside looks a little yellow. Could very well be wrong on that too…


orange fungi, St Columba Falls Tasmania

Happy little family of orange ones. No idea re ID.


yellow mushroom st columba falls northeast Tasmania

All I know for sure about this one is its yellow.


Tasmanian fungi, yellow, Hygrocybe chromolimonea

This one is reasonably common. Hygrocybe chromolimonea would be my guess.


No idea re ID but tiny little things growing off a fallen fern frond

No idea re ID but tiny little things growing off a fallen fern frond


coprinellus disseminatus st columba falls tasmania

I’m thinking Coprinellus disseminatus


white fungi

White ones

If you are a regular visitor to my website no doubt you’ll notice my ID skills have not improved. Oh well. I’ll keep at it 🙂

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