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Images of Kyoto: Yasaka Shrine at Night

These photos of Yasaka shrine at night were taken during our recent visit to Japan and make up part 2 of my photos of Japan for 2014. We spent one night in Kyoto and a very tasty “Sukiyaki” dinner on the banks of the Kamo River and this night shoot at Yasaka Shrine were the highlight. The shrine contains hundreds of lanterns, both of the paper variety and also if the stone variety so there was no shortage of Japan-esque photos to be had!

Yasaka Shrine at Night Kyoto Japan

Yasaka Shrine at Night Kyoto Japan. The shrine entrance.

Lanterns at Night, Yasaka Shrine, Kyoto

Lanterns light up the night in Yasaka Shrine, Kyoto

Lanterns at Yasaka Shrine, Kyoto

Lanterns are definitely the photographic highlight when shooting Kyoto’s Yasaka shrine at night

Photos of Japan Yasaka Shrine Kyoto

Yasaka Shrine at Night – a beautiful Japanese photography experience

Kyoto Yasaka Jinja

The grounds of Yasaka Jinja (shrine) contain many lanterns, torii and other traditional Japanese bits and pieces.

Kyoto Photos Yasaka Shrine

The grounds of Yasaka Jinja (shrine) contain many lanterns, torii and other traditional Japanese bits and pieces.

Yasaka Shrine Kyoto Japan

Yasaka Shrine Kyoto Japan. Spot the photographer! This image made use of the in camera HDR shooting mode.

Yasaka shrine is right at the end of the “Shijo” road in Gion, the famous entertainment (and geisha) district of Kyoto. The shrine has its own website (helpfully in English as well as Japanese) which can tell you a lot more about the history of the shrine and best ways to access it. Needless to say if you travel there for photography purposes the nights are very atmospheric and there are less people about. The added bonus being of course that there is no shortage of places to eat and drink nearby. You may even spot a geisha!

Photos of Japan 2014: Part I – Miyajima

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