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Marakoopa Cave at Mole Creek

The Marakoopa Cave, along with the nearby King Solomon Cave, is one of the main public access caves in the Mole Creek Karst National Park. The caves have formed in the limestone bedrock over millions of years and are intricately lit up and access is only available on a guided tour arranged at the nearby National Parks office.

Some of the formations in the Marakoopa Cave at Mole Creek

marakoopa cave tasmania

A great deal of the infrastucture, especially the lighting, was recently reinstalled following some serious flood damage in June.

Apparently the caves were originally discovered by a couple of kids, who originally kept the secret to themselves before eventually letting the cat out of the bag. It is now a very popular destination in the Great Western Tiers.

Stalagtites and Stalagmites in the Mole Creek Caves

Stalagtites and Stalagmites in the Mole Creek Caves

The caves were hit hard by the major floods in June. In fact, the caves were closed right up until just before Christmas. Luckily (and rather amazingly) the delicate formations weren’t damaged but most of the infrastructure (especially the lighting) had to be completely replaced.

mole creek caves tasmania

Very moist air and a year round temperature of 9 degrees creates its own cave-clouds

mole creek caves tasmania

Some of the lighting at Marakoopa Cave near the Cathederal

The Cathederal, in Marakoopa Cave at Mole Creek

The Cathederal, in Marakoopa Cave at Mole Creek

There are two tours to chose from at Marakoopa. These photos are from the Cathederal Tour, the other one is the underground rivers. Both feature amazing cave formations as well as that other very special highlight at Marakoopa (of which photos are strictly not allowed) – the glow worms!

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