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yakushima japan

Yakushima Japan – Shiratani Unsuikyo

The second day walk we managed to squeeze in between typhoons on Yakushima was the spectacular ravine called Shiratani Unsuikyo. “Shiratani (白谷)” translates as “White-Valley” and this name is a reference to the whitish granite boulders strewn throughout the valley. “Unsuikyo (雲水峡)” translates as cloud & water gorge – and that part is fairly self explanatory upon...Read More

Yakushima Japan – Arakawa Hiking trail to Jomon Sugi

This month I visited a place I have had my eye on for years – Yakushima Island, just south of Kyushu in southern Japan. The interior of the island is a mountainous World Heritage listed area complete with wonderful ancient forests full of cedars, monkeys and deer. The island is accessed by air or sea, and we rode the...Read More