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A Beautiful Tarkine Waterfall

A truly beautiful Tarkine waterfall, I have visited here many times and enjoy every minute spent in this location. It is such a delicate area, there is no track and the falls are not on any maps so visiting here is a wonderful experience just sitting silently and enjoying nature.

Secret Tarkine Waterfall

A beaultiful little waterfall hidden in the Tarkine rainforest in north west Tasmania

Being in such a well shaded patch of forest, it is quite easy to acheive long exposures with your camera. When the falls have a good amount of water on them, as they did on this particular visit, the flowing water produces wonderful effects as the bubbles swirl in front of you. I took many shots, with only a polariser. I found I was able to switch into Bulb mode and was getting up to 50 seconds of exposure. Each shot was subtly different and I have chosen a few of my favourites.

secret tarkine waterfall long exposure

A 15 second exposure, low to the water surface, captured these swirls

secret tarkine waterfall long exposure

Stopping down to f22, which I don’t normally do, resulted in this 25 second exposure

secret tarkine waterfall long exposure

Using Bulb, I dialled in 50 seconds to see how things would look. The image was not overexposed at all, and the longer exposure time looked great 🙂

secret tarkine waterfall long exposure

Another 50 second exposure, back in portrait framing, and the circular motion is really eye catching in the foreground.

My imagery is available as prints and you can view my latest images, or take a browse through my full online gallery (listed by regions) in the menu above under “Tasmanian Photography”. I print all images myself onto top quality papers by Canson and canvasses by Lyve.


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