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Island Hopping in Tasmania!

I have just come back from a week of “island-hopping” on two of Tasmania’s most well known island destinations – Maria Island and Bruny Island. As I mentioned in a previous post, the ferry to Maria Island was running free of charge this winter so I took advantage of that to spend two nights/three days on the island. The fossil cliffs and painted cliffs were the obvious highlight but the Cape Barren Geese (with their young chicks in tow), historic buildings and a misty climb up Bishop and Clerk also provided great photographic opportunities.

Fossil Cliffs, Maria Island

Fossil Cliffs, Maria Island

Bruny Island is well loved by locals and any visits there should indulge a little in the gourmet side of things – there is cheese, wine, seafood and even a chocolate factory to visit on top of all the natural attractions the island is so famous for.

I will be posting many images from both these trips in the coming days – stay tuned.

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