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red ochre beach sunset tasmania

The making of a photograph: Scarlet

For a little change of pace I thought I would share some behind the scenes shots and thoughts that went into one of my shots titled “Scarlet”.

Sunset photo "Scarlet" Red Ochre Beach Tasmania

The end result: “Scarlet” from Red Ochre Beach in Tasmania

This shot is from a few years ago now, yet it still remains one of the most vibrant and memorable sunsets I have photographed. It was taken at Red Ochre Beach and here is my original post about the evening. The red was truly stunning, and it was fairly brief too. I had been experimenting with different compositions, and by the time the red hit I had found this rocky platform and was able to line it up somewhat symmetrically, with some rocky texture on the left and right of the foreground, and a bit of a pool of water right in the middle. The sky did the rest 🙂

For interest’s sake, here are a series of shots leading up to, and just after, the making of “Scarlet”.

The making of Scarlet - Sunset at Red Ochre Beach

Early in the evening. Some real potential in the clouds, and a really nice rocky foreshore.

Sunset Red Ochre Beach Tasmania

The sky is changing colour… which way is it going to go? Spectacular or fizzer??

Sunset photography Tasmania

Working on composition. These rocks are looking nice, but, is there something better?

Scarlet sunset photos Tasmania

All of a sudden some red light appeared, and I was trying to line up the foreground with the colour

The shot after Scarlet

I needn’t have worried – the colours came to me – creeping from the south the red soon illuminated the entire western horizon. This shot is one taken immediately after “Scarlet”

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