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marions lookout hike tasmania

Marions Lookout Hike

The Marions Lookout hike at Cradle Mountain is great for those who want to push themselves just that little bit more than the reasonably flat and family friendly Dove Lake circuit hike. Pack some lunch and allow yourself at least half a day – longer if the weather is good and you want to extend the hike – and enjoy some of the most celebrated views in Tasmania.

marions lookout hike tasmania

Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain. This view is your reward for completing the Marions Lookout hike!


marions lookout hike tasmania

The walk kicks off at Ronny Creek and you will in fact walk the start of the Overland Track to reach Marions Lookout!


Crater Lake Tasmania

After 30-40 mins or so you will reach Crater Creek and the waterfalls in the rainforest are a nice place to take a break. After another 20 minutes or so you should reach Crater Lake (above)


Junction above Crater Lake

10-15 mins or so above Crater Lake you reach a major junction. From here you get your first view of Dove Lake and Marions Lookout is quite close now (around 20-30 minutes). There is a track that leads back to Dove Lake via Wombat Pool from here too.


Chains on the Marions Lookout hike

Just a few minutes above the junction there is a short but steep section where chains have been installed to assist you. It only takes a few minutes however and shouldn’t be a problem for most hikers.


Currawong, Marions Lookout

Marions Lookout! Cradle Mountain is right in front of you and Dove Lake below. A view so good even the currawongs come up to enjoy! It is a great place for lunch so enjoy a break before heading down.


Lake Lilla and Dove Lake

Lake Lilla and Dove Lake. You get this view from the steep (and quick) descent down to the boatshed.

You have multiple options to chose from for the descent. You can retrace your steps all the way back to Ronny Creek ie the same way you came, or you can instead return to Dove Lake either by Wombat Pool and Lake Lilla or a steep descent which comes out near the boatshed. Enjoy your day out!

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