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New Holland Honeyeater

Over this years hot and dry summer I bought a bird bath for the garden and since then have had quite a few visitors. Given the restrictions on travel right now I thought a regular “Update from the Birdbath” might be a way to pass the time. In the past few weeks I have seen butcher-birds, honey eaters and rosellas (among others) so will start sharing the shots – starting today with a happy little family of New Holland Honeyeaters 🙂

new holland honeyeater in suburban Hobart

One of these things is not like the others…

These shots were all taken from my living room with my Pentax K1 and the 70-200mm lens. I used the APSC crop mode so I was only shooting with the middle of the frame. I did this mainly to reduce the file size and therefore also increase burst shooting speed. I shot in Pentax’s TAv mode, which is basically M mode with flexible/auto ISO. I used aperture f6.3 and 1/800 shutter speed and under-exposed by 0.7 stops.

new holland honeyeaters in suburban Hobart

Mum giving the youngsters a dressing down – “behave yourselves in the bathtub!”


New Holland Honeyeaters bathing

New Holland Honeyeaters making the most of the facilities


New Holland Honeyeater Tasmania

A flurry of feathers, tails and beaks at the birdbath


New Holland Honeyeater Tasmania

Once more into the drink


New Holland Honeyeater Tasmania

New Holland Honeyeater – front view – I think he spotted me spotting him…


New Holland Honeyeater Tasmania

New Holland Honeyeater – back view

Here are a couple of websites I found with lots of info on backyard birds.

Birdlife Australia

Birds in Backyards

Well worth a look if you too are starting to discover and appreciate our urban birdlife!

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