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New Tasmanian Photography this month

Here is some of this month’s new Tasmanian photography in Hobart’s Landscapes Gallery. It has been a nice start to autumn with a three day trip to the Freycinet Peninsula and a couple of shorter visits to the South West National Park in the vicinity of the wonderful Red Knoll Lookout.

Tasmanian photography - Lake Pedder

Lake Pedder, South West Tasmania

Tasmanian photography - View to the Western Arthur Range

View to the Western Arthur Range, South West Tasmania

The two shots above are just a taste of what the remote South West can offer. It is a huge wilderness National Park and World Heritage Area. The landscape photography potential is boundless and some of the most iconic Tasmanian photographers such as Peter Dombrovskis made this area their own with some truly classic images. The top image is of Scotts Peak, surrounded by the massive Lake Pedder; and the image immediately above is a misty view to the rugged Western Arthur range.

Tiny Toadstools, South West Tasmania

Tiny Toadstools, South West Tasmania

As well as the grand, wide open landscapes, the South West is a treasure trove of wonderful detail for macro photography. Autumn is slowly creeping across Tasmania, and the first of the autumn toadstools and fungi are starting to appear. These tiny little toadstools were hidden deep within the mosses and lichens of a deliciously gnarled old myrtle tree. I am looking forward to many more such shoots over the coming month or two!

Tasmanian landscape photography - The Hazards & Wineglass Bay

The Hazards & Wineglass Bay, view from Mt Graham

Sunset - Hazards Beach

Sunset, Hazards Beach

And from a trip that was a little more adventurous – this month we did the Freycinet Peninsula Circuit, and stayed one night on Mt Graham and one night at Hazards Beach. Mt Graham provides the opposite view of Wineglass Bay that most visitors are accustomed to – with the Hazards making a beautiful backdrop. The night at Hazards Beach too rewarded with a stunning sunset across Great Oyster Bay. All prints are now available by visiting the Gallery or contacting me. You can view my full range of original Tasmanian photography through my online galleries.

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