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Omoi no taki

Omoi no taki is another great waterfall in Fukushima, Japan. It is located not far from the onsen (hot spring) town of Tsuchi-yu, meaning after a morning photographing waterfalls it was lunch and a visit to an “ashi-yu” – or hot spring for your feet.

omoi no taki fukushima waterfalls japan

Omoi no taki – a really nice waterfall in the mountains of Fukushima, Japan

The walk is very pleasant (as long as you don’t let all the “beware of the bears” signs spook you)! The falls are around 20-30 minutes from the parking area at Lake Menuma.

The Japanese forest is very nice to walk through. The green of the foilage is quite different to the greens of the Australian bush and I hope to be able to visit again one autumn when the Japanese mountains turn to brilliant shades of red and yellow.

omoi no taki fukushima waterfalls japan

Omoi no Taki (Omoi Falls) in Fukushima

omoi no taki fukushima waterfalls japan

There is actually a top half to the fall, just around the corner of the gorge. It is only partly visible from one angle.

omoi no taki fukushima waterfalls japan

A wider view of Omoi no Taki

omoi no taki fukushima waterfalls japan

The view from further downstream

As we were preparing to leave, I found a big cluster of tiny little fungi on a tree stump beside the path. Of course I had to stop 🙂

japanese fungi omoinotaki fukushima

Fungi in the moss

japanese fungi omoinotaki fukushima

A tiny little fungi in the forest at Omoi no taki

japanese fungi omoinotaki fukushima

One of my favourite features of the Pentax K1 is Pixel Shift (cropped from above image).

These shots were taken (as a lot of my fungi shots are) with the Pixel Shift shooting mode of the Pentax K1. It is a remarkable feature, and somewhat misunderstood from what I see online. It is not designed for action or long exposure situations where the subject or scene is subject to movement, but it is a perfect fit for macro. I will be writing a bit about the pixel shift feature in an upcoming post.

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