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Sassafras flowers

Fallen sassafras flowers on beds of moss are one of my favourite spring things and recently during one of my Mt Field & Styx Valley day tours we had a great time shooting the flowers.

Tasmanian sassafras. Fallen flower on moss

The sassafras flowers bloom in very early spring and carpet the forest floor shortly after making for beautiful photos


Tasmanian Sassafras (Atherosperma moschatum) flowers on moss

Closer up the details in the flower and in the moss are beautiful.

The Tasmanian sassafras, or Atherosperma moschatum, is an early bloomer, with flowers appearing in late winter/very early spring. They are quite striking, and the white petals contrasted against the deep green moss makes for a particularly nice photo.

Tasmanian sassafras flower, this time in the Styx

I have recently discounted my Mt Field & Styx Valley day tour and spring really is a fantastic time to spend a day in Tasmania’s grand forests. We spend the morning shooting Russell Falls and Horseshoe Falls, and the afternoon in the Styx Valley.

Russell Falls, visited on my Mt Field and Styx Valley day tour

Russell Falls, visited on my Mt Field and Styx Valley day tour


Hygrocybe cheeli, pink fungi, Tasmania

Fungi is a highlight particularly in autumn, but can pop up at any time of year

All the while we will search for the tiny details in the forest that really make this time of year unique. I have already mentioned the sassafras flowers but unfurling fern fronds, fungi, fast flowing waterfalls and the giant eucalypts are all part and parcel of this day out. Contact me to book a trip!

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