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Sunrise Cradle Mountain

Sunrise Cradle Mountain – the aim of photographers everywhere is to capture the soft morning light on the jagged peak of Cradle Mountain, perhaps a reflection in the lake and a bit of mist. I started a recent shoot at the lake, and although it was a beautiful morning, I could see I wasn’t going to get much in the way of moodiness or colour and decided to leave the lake just before sunrise in search of something different. The shot below was the last one I took at the Lake’s edge.

Sunrise Cradle Mountain Dove Lake

Pre Sunrise stillness at Dove Lake.

I have always meant to shoot in the Ronney Creek area, noticing that it is often shrouded in mist on drives back from the lake, so this morning it became my goal for the sunrise shoot, and it turned into an absolutely wonderful morning 🙂

Sunrise Cradle Mountain Ronney Creek

Sunrise Cradle Mountain – A charming pencil pine fringed tarn near Ronney Creek

After a little scrambling around in the dim pre-dawn light, the sunrise started to dominate proceedings, and a golden light filtered by a soft mist made for a lovely sunrise in the buttongrass. I spent a lot of time composing and recomposing to come up with the following shots, but it wasn’t a morning to hurry as the peaceful light invited a quiet and lingering contemplation of the surroundings. Weindorfers philosophy of “There is no time and nothing matters” had never rung truer.

Sunrise Cradle Mountain - Yellow light in Ronney Creek

Sunrise Cradle Mountain – Yellow morning light in Ronney Creek

Sunrise, mist and buttongrass. Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Sunrise in the buttongrass. It was a perfectly still morning!

Sunrise Cradle Mountain - Buttongrass

Soon the sunrise and mist gave way to a beautiful clear morning.

One of the more enjoyable and rewarding shoots I have had in a while 🙂

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