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Sunrise & Sunset Granville Harbour

Final preparations are complete for next month’s Tarkine photography workshop, and last week I spent a few nights in the area, including one night shooting sunrise & sunset Granville Harbour style and meeting with the good folk of Corinna Wilderness Experience to finalise our plans.

sunrise granville harbour tasmania

Early morning on Granville Harbour, on Tasmania’s west coast

Seascape Photography: Sunset Granville Harbour

A sunset shoot at Granville Harbour will be a highlight of the 5 day workshop, as we hope to achieve a colourful sunset over this dramatic rocky coastline in Tasmania’s remote Tarkine region. Seascapes are at their best during the twilight hours so a sunset shoot at Granville Harbour is not just about colourful sunsets, but about atmospheric and moody shots of water swirling among the beautifully rounded granite boulders that are a feature of this part of the coast.

Seascapes - Sunset Granville Harbour

Tarkine Seascapes at Granville Harbour

Sunset Granville Harbour in Tasmania's Tarkine

Granite boulders at sunset Granville Harbour

Interval Composite Shooting Mode

These shots were captured in a number of ways, but my experimenting with the “Interval Composite” drive mode was perhaps the most rewarding. For those who are unfamiliar with this mode, basically it allows multiple exposures to be combined in camera to produce one image. It is a little like an in camera ND filter, as you can produce smooth flowing water effects even in bright conditions when a really long exposure can’t be achieved, other than with an ND filter.

granville harbour seascape dawn tarkine

Dawn seascape at Granville Harbour, Tarkine. A single 2 second exposure in the soft light of dawn.

Dawn seascape at Granville Harbour, Tarkine. An “Interval Composite” exposure – twenty 2 second exposures blended in camera to produce the effect of a 40 second exposure.

Tarkine Photography Workshop – May 2016

Stay tuned as next years dates will be announced prior to this years tour getting underway. Again early May is likely so you are welcome to contact me to register interest early 🙂


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