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Comet ZTF and Mars in the skies above Hobart, Feb 11 2023

Comet ZTF and Mars

On February 11, 2023 Comet ZTF made a very close encounter with the red planet Mars. Luckily enough, it was a clear night here in Hobart so I popped out onto the deck with my 150-450mm and took a look. Mars was easy to spot so I pointed the camera in that general direction and...Read More
Milky Way rising over Bruny Island, winter 2022

Milky Way Rising – Bruny Island

I wanted to introduce you to my new favourite Milky Way shot – meet “Milky Way Rising – Bruny Island”! This image was captured back in July during one of my 3 day private tours on Bruny Island. Needless to say it was a major highlight of our time on the island 🙂 The purple-pink...Read More
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Under the Milky Way

Under the Milky Way tonight… Well not tonight, as tonight hasn’t happened yet obviously. Unless you are reading this at midnight or thereabouts. And if you are indeed reading this after midnight I hope my ramblings are either keeping you entertained or perhaps even helping you fall sleep. I do what I can. But I...Read More

Comet PanSTARRS in Tasmania, March 4 2013

Comet PanSTARRS made a stunning sight very low in the south western twilight earlier this month. Luckilly for us in Tasmania we were blessed with some stunningly clear nights and on March 4th I took a trip up Mt Wellington to see what I could see. While the sky was still relatively bright I fired...Read More