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frenchmans cap hike notes

Frenchmans Cap Hike (Part 2)

Part 2 of my Frenchmans Cap hike report begins from our campsite near Sharlands Peak… Frenchmans Cap Hike – Day 3: Climb Frenchmans Cap and return to Lake Vera Due to a poor weather forecast for the following day we decided that we would leave our gear right where it was, and climb Frenchmans Cap...Read More

Frenchmans Cap Hike (Part 1)

Frenchmans Cap dominates the skyline of central Tasmania and is a magnificent peak to view as you drive the Lyell Highway between Lake St Clair and Queenstown. Donaghy’s Hill is a short walk which allows you to view the white quartzite peak in the distance, but those who decide to get closer to this mighty...Read More