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hiking in japan


Adatarayama (Mt Adatara) is a 1700 metre high volcano west of Fukushima in Nihonmatsu. There is a lovely onsen (hot spring) town called Dake nearby. The mountain is popular for skiing in winter and hiking in the summer. We picked a hot and sunny day (maximum temperature of 35 degrees!) to make the climb. It...Read More

Oze National Park: Buna Daira

We visited the Oze National Park recently, and visited many parts of the park including Mt Taishaku which I have already posted about. The subject of todays post is the lush green forests in the area known as “Buna daira”. “Buna” is the Japanese beech tree (Fagus crenata), and a daira is a flatland. The...Read More

Waterfalls of Fukushima: Renge Falls

Renge Falls is found at the end of a very narrow and windy road in the mountains around Moniwa in northern Fukushima. There is a somewhat overgrown parking area and a rickety old temple, and the walk to the waterfalls is a short 10 minutes or so on a fairly flat track. As with almost...Read More

Mt Taishaku, Oze National Park

Mt Taishaku is a 2060 metre high peak in the Oze National Park in south western Fukushima. The drive to the trailhead is along a very arrow and windy unsealed road which leaves the mountain town of Hinoemata which is famous for its soba noodles and kabuki stage. The road passes many beautiful streams and...Read More

Mt Chokai, Japan

Mt Chokai is a 2236 metre high mountain which stands on the border of Yamagata and Akita prefecture in northern Japan. The peak is covered in metres of snow throughout winter and is basically inaccesible. From spring the snow melts and fills the surrounding gorges and waterfalls with water. In summer there are quite a...Read More