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milky way
Jupiter Scorpio Milky Way

Jupiter Rising

There has been a stunning sight of Jupiter rising in the east these past few weeks. Just on dark, and rising right along with the core of the Milky Way, has been an incredibly bright “star” just below the scorpion, and beside Sagittarius. Just below Sagittarius is the ringed planet, Saturn. These shots were taken...Read More

Lake St Clair Night Sky Photos

Lake St Clair is a stunning part of Tasmania – some truly magnificent walks start from here such as Mt Rufus and the Labyrinth; and its remoteness also makes it a fantastic place to shoot at night, with no light pollution at all. On a recent trip I sat at the waters edge, enjoying a...Read More

Photographing the Night Sky: High ISO & the Pentax K5

Saturday night in Hobart was one of the clearest skies I’ve seen in a long time – and I’ve been keeping an eye out lately┬á­čÖé┬áso I packed the thermals & down jacket and headed for the top of Mt Wellington, where┬áthe temperature hovered between 0 & 1 degree (-6 with wind chill apparently!). The Milky...Read More