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photographing aurora

Night sky photography in Tasmania

Night sky photography in Tasmania is an absolute joy. Even from the State’s capital, Hobart, it is a relatively short drive to some great dark sky locations. The past week in particular has seen a great deal of activity in the night-sky above Tasmania, luckilly co-inciding wth a series of very clear nights. From Feb...Read More

Aurora Australis Tasmania Oct 8 2012

The Aurora Australis graced Tasmania with another visit last Monday night. I arrived early to find dark clouds covering most of the southern sky, with tantalizing glimpses of the show coming through small breaks in the cloud. During this test shot, a plane took off from Hobart Airport and made its own mark on this particular...Read More

Aurora Australis in Tasmania

On the night of September 3 2012 we were treated to a mesmerizing display of the aurora australis in Tasmania, the southern lights. The aurora was low on the southern horizon, dancing just below the familiar stars of the Southern Cross – which puts a nice Southern Hemisphere stamp on this event which is far more commonly...Read More