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where to see the aurora
aurora australis kunanyi mt wellington february 2023

The pulsating aurora

On February 27 a major aurora occurred across Tasmania. A lot of the state was cloudy including Hobart and the south east, but luckily for Hobartians we have a big giant mountain with a webcam nearby. During the early evening I watched in dismay as the clouds seemed destined to ruin a great show. I...Read More

Aurora Chasing Hints from the Jetstar Magazine

A friend saw a familiar name in an aurora chasing hints article in the current edition of the Jetstar magazine and was good enough to snaffle me a copy! As well as camera setting type questions, it was great they included my comments re checking out locations during daylight hours rather than arriving in unfamiliar...Read More

Aurora Australis alert for Tasmania!

** UPDATE: April 15 – Sadly this weekend’s aurora was a fizzer. The CME hit at around 9:00 Sunday morning and unfortunately wasn’t anywhere near as strong as it might have been. ** Attention aurora australis hunters – there was a fairly major solar flare on the sun yesterday which produced a large coronal mass...Read More